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Architectural Knitted Surfaces II – International Workshop

Shenkar College of Engineering and Design

Tel Aviv

27 June – 1 July 2010

Photo: Erez Amitay. Student's project from the Architectural Knitted Workshop I, 2009

The second edition of the Architectural Knitted Workshop will take place in the Shenkar School of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv on 27 June – 1 July 2010.

The workshop is a collaboration with CITA – Centre for Information Technology and Architecture of the Royal Denish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

Check my post on the year’s edition of the workshop in which I took part.

This year’s five-day architectural course will integrate Rhino’s Grasshopper in order to explore new shapes and patterns of knitting using generative algorithms.

From the workshop’s introduction:

Based on former research, the production process will be based on creating a direct link between digital representations and knitting machine code. This will offer the opportunity to model textile surfaces electronically and computationally, at a level that takes into account both the performance of the surface as a whole and its pattern, texture and materiality. The workshop will incorporate the use of different materials such as conductive fibers and advanced composite materials, to achieve both rigid and elastic conditions of interaction.

We will develop bespoke computer defined textiles as frameworks for the incorporation of computational attributes; transforming knitted surfaces into robotic membranes by imbedding sensing and actuation into their skin. Combining advances in intelligent textiles with parametric modeling we ask how these new technologies have impact on the way we think, design and make architecture.


Dr. Eyal Sheffer, Knitting Laboratory, the department of Textile Design in Shenkar .

Arch. Ayelet Karmon, Department of Interior – Building and Environment Design in Shenkar.

Associate Professor Mette Ramsgard Thomsen, MAA, PhD, Head of CITA.

Langauge: English

Details and application form here.

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Special Mention Prize at the 10th Student Competition “Textile Structures for New Building 2009″

Arch. Erez Amitay and Eng. Iago Gonzalez Quelle win the Special Mention Prize in the Macro Architecture Category at the at the tenth student competition “Textile Structures for New Buildings 2009” – an international competition organized by Techtextil and TensiNet.

The award ceremony was held in Frankfurt am Main at the Congress Center Messe Frankfurt on 15 June 2009.
The award-winning projects were on show in a special exhibition for the entire duration of Techtextil.

The jury guided by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Sobek had commented the project like this:

The Laboratorium “Blum” by Iago Gonzalez Quelle and Erez Amitay from Spain receives special commendation. “Blum” is an amalgam of laboratory and office. The geometry of the building is conceived as an extruded helix with a square cross section. EFTE foil cushions, which are suitable for both roof and external walls, are used in a regular manner and create the homogeneity of the overall impression. The design appeals because of the clarity of the style and the care of its execution. It was the result of a first-semester project at the University of Saxony-Anhalt in Dessau.

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Textile Design Contest 3: The Yarn

An initiative of Lazzari Cultural Association, Textile Design Contest was born with the aim of promoting and helping the approach of young creators to the world of fashion and  interior design textile industry. Promoted by the Faculty of Design and the Arts of Iuav University, Venice and by Treviso Chamber of Commerce, the event is sponsored by Regione Veneto, Treviso Province and Town hall administrations and by Treviso Unindustria.



The third edition of Textile Design Contest offers entrants a chance to create and design a fabric that can enhance the features of the yarn employed; from the choice of a yarn with given fibre and structural features to the technical solutions that candidates believe can lead to its upgrading.



Any creator, aged 18 to 35, can be admitted to the contest provided he/she is interested in the design and creation of fabrics and in an approach to this profession.


For more information see this site, or download the announcement here.

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Architectural Knitted Surfaces | International Workshop

Shenkar College of Engineering and Design

Tel Aviv

22-27 February 2009


I had the pleasure to participate at this intensive 6-day international workshop held at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv.

A unique hands-on and cross-disciplinary collaboration between the Department of Interior – Building and Environment Design, the Knitting Workshop and the Plastics Engineering in Shenkar.

The workshop’s aim was to explore the potential implementation of parametric CAD tools in the built environment by analyzing the complex geometrical behaviour of three dimensional knitted textile materials, both at the level of the overall surface and the local stitch.

In the first phase we elaborated digital models of various complex textile surfaces by using ParaCloud Modeler – a parametric design tool, which converts spreadsheet driven matrices into a powerful generative and associative modelling and analysis application. In the second phase we produced prototypes of these models with a wide range of fabrication technologies such as 3D printing, CNC milling, laser cutting, as well as using the advance equipment of the Knitting Workshop and the Plastic Workshop to achieve both rigid and elastic conditions.

The wokshop was organized by the head of the Department of Interior – Building and Environment Design Prof. Shraga Kirshner and was directed by teaching staff from Shenkar: Dr. Eyal Sheffer, and architect Ayelet Karmon, in collaboration with Dipl. Ing. (TU) Norbert Palz, architect, from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, CITA, Center for Information Technology and Architecture.

Here are few images from the workshop:


The Stoll knitting machine in action at the Shenkar’s Textile Workshop:



A video realized by students during the workshop:


(Music: “Brancaster Coast” by Ochre, from the Album “A Midsummer Nice Dream“)

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