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Photovoltaic Tensile Structures by FTL Solar

FTL Solar's PowerMod

FTL Solar – an American company founded in 1998 – has developed a range of sustainable products that integrate lightweight tensile fabrics with thin photovoltaic panels called PowerMods®.

PowerMods provide shelter while generating enough solar electricity (up to 4.5 kWh a day) that could power construction tools, lights, fans, medical equipment, computers, and so on.

These versatile products are particularly lightweight, portable and flexible and therefore suitable for commercial, military and disaster relief purposes, as well as for car parks shades or small garden tent structures.

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Luxurious Nomadism

(Source: Dezeen)

A compact foldout canvas holiday home designed by Belgian architect Axel Enthoven and baptized “Opera” for its resemblance to Utzon’s Sydney Opera House.


(Source: Dezeen)

Although the motto chosen by the project’s creators – “Your Suite in Nature” – sounds somewhat anachronistic in the current global economic climate, and even if terms like “luxury”, “first class” and ” exclusive” have rather good-old-pre-recession-days resonance to them (not to say sarcastic), I have to admit that it is a pretty cool idea and an interesting interpretation of textile architecture.


(Source: Dezeen)

The design will be on show at the Design at Work trade fair in Kortrijk, Belgium, in December, and is planned to go into production in 2010.


(Source: Dezeen)


Some more info from Opera’s designer:

Multiple award-winner Axel Enthoven designs new mobile holiday home
Opera offers freedom in nature with 100 percent luxury.

is not a tent, not a caravan and not a motor home. The new mobile holiday home designed by Axel Enthoven has been christened Opera for its striking shape, reminiscent of the Sydney Opera House. The subtitle chosen is Your Suite in Nature to suggest the best of hotel rooms, but in the heart of nature in this case. The Opera allows you to stay in the most beautiful places, but with the luxury of a wine cabinet, warm-air heating, espresso bar and an enclosed teak veranda. This nomadic, contemporary living tent offers the quality of a luxury yacht combined with the outdoor feeling of camping under canvas. The Opera will be presented for the first time at the Design at Work trade fair in Kortrijk in December.


(Source: Dezeen)

The finishing touches are currently being put to the first Operas, which are being made completely by hand in Geldrop in the Netherlands. Only first class materials like hardwood, stainless steel and leather are used in production. The dimensions of the Opera are magical. When it has opened and levelled itself by electric power – inside 5 minutes and without tent pegs, stabilizer jacks and loose tent poles – what you see is a residence measuring 7 metres long, more than 3 metres wide and 3.5 metres high with every conceivable luxury: two first class and electrically adjustable beds that become one with a single simple movement, hot and cold water, ceramic toilet, LED lighting and a mobile hob and barbecue, for example, for cooking outside. An exclusive, small number of Operas will go into production in 2010.

The mobile holiday home will be supplied with what is known as the Opera Guide, which presents a selection of exclusive sites with information about good restaurants and picturesque destinations in the surrounding area.


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