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Hot Air


(Credit: HotAir2009 on Flickr)

HOT AIR is an iconic head-shaped inflatable and inhabitable monument, Designed by Anca Trandafirescu, an architect and assistant professor in architecture at the University of Michigan, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of communism in Romania.


(Credit: HotAir2009 on Flickr)

The idea behind Trandafirescu’s design of an anonimous head of an overthrown statute is that “the contradictions of optimism AND instability inherent in Romania’s political change are reflected in the mass, material, and construction of a symbolic image filled with HOT AIR.”

The project was mounted on Noveber 3-7 2009 in Piata Victoriei, Timisoara, Romania where the first large demonstrations in the country took place and eventually led to the fall of the dictatorship.



(Credit: HotAir2009 on Flickr)

Hot Air was realized in association with the city ’s Young Artists/Young Democracy expo and the American-Romanian Music Festival with the support of the city of Timisoara, Romania, the University of Michigan through the Weiser Center for Emerging Democracies, the Center for Russian and Eastern European Studies, and the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.


(Credit: HotAir2009 on Flickr)

The designer herself with the assistance of Le Nguyen built this impressive inflatbale structure manualy. The patterning and cutting of the polyethylene plastic sheets was done exclusively by hand, using physical models, and the welding was done with a simple household iron.

chromocranium from HOT AIR 2009 – Anca T on Vimeo.

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