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Fabric Church in L’Aquila, Italy

Church of the Resurrection by Nothing Studio

Arch. Enzo Eusebi of Nothing Studio has designed a “fabric church” that is planned to be built in the city of L’Acquila, Italy, by the end of 2010.

The Church of the Resurrection will be built in memory of the 307 victims of the earthquake that devastated the principal city of the region of Abruzzo in April 2009.

The project’s skin will be made of a translucent fiberglass membrane. The design is inspired – according to the architects – by the emergency facilities, and seeks to implement the concept of “Zero Impact” by using so-called low-tech construction methods.

The construction consists of a laminated wood structure and a triple-layered membrane that allows adequate thermal isolation while allowing the passage of filtered natural light.

Church of the Resurrection by Nothing Studio

Church of the Resurrection by Nothing Studio

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A visionary car made of… membrane…?!

I bumped into this cool video on the blog Minimal Structures.

BMW came up with this amazing concept (IMHO) of a car entirely made of  an elastic fabric skin (polyurethane-coated Spandex). The car was christened BMW GINA.

GINA stands for “Geometry and functions In ‘N’ Adaptations”.



Although it’s only a conceptual prototype, it is undoubtedly  a groundbreaking and inspiring idea that challenges the way cars were always designed, produced and conceived.





For more info:

MBW GINA on Wikipedia


Article on WIRED

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“Elegant Ecotones” – Grasshopper Workshop in Bologna, Italy

Last March I took part on a cool Workshop in Bologna (Italy) titled “Elegant Ecotones – Grasshopper workshop Level I – parametric & generative design” Organized by Andrea Graziano and Alessio Erioli from Co-de-iT and Giulio Piacentino from McNeel Europe.

The guys from Co-de-iT have just uploaded on issuu a very nice Workshop-Report.

Check it out in here!

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