The Flying Mast

(insane in the membrane...)

Mars Attack!

Breaking news:

An UFO is reported to have landed on top of a shopping mall in Dessau, Germany!

Authorities are investigating on the object’s origin. NASA has yet to comment on the incident.

Here are the first images of the object:

Further investigation reveals that “The UFO” is apparently a new architectural project designed as an eye-catching landmark for the city’s new shopping center.

This 30m long and 15m wide tensile structure consists of two layers of membrane supported on a metal frame. The upper membrane is a Ferrari Textile type II, while the lower membrane is a mesh fabric.

The project was design by Prof. Arch. Robert Off, director of IMS Institute and head of the the Master of Membrane Structures, held at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.

The structure was manufactured and erected by CARPRO.

The design is intended as a tribute to Junkers GmbH, the German aircraft manufacturer, founded in 1895 in Dessau, and is inspired by the shape of an aeroplane’s wing.

The above images were taken during the installation phase. The membranes are mounted on the metal frame, but still have to be tensioned.

The project is expected to be completed in the next few days.

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